Jalyssa T Woodall STORYTELLER.png

Meet Me

Hi, my name is Jalyssa and I enjoy telling stories through graphic and web design, social media, and email marketing. My passion for storytelling started before I even knew storytelling was a thing. I’ve always been a talkative child with a vivid imagination, and once I learned how to use softwares to display the images in my head (shout out to Microsoft Paint) it become a hobby and eventually a passion.

I enjoy translating loose marketing wants into compelling deliverables and watching them thrive. It is not enough for me to just make something “look pretty.” I need to know the designs are having a lasting effect and people are engaging with what has been presented. The stories I tell are planned out and strategic, to say the least. I enjoy connecting the dots for people and details are my specialty. Along with my organizational skills and degrees in graphic design and arts technology I am more than confident that I am able to not only persuade someone to engage but to keep them coming back for more.